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About Us

Sotillo & Company Commercial Real Estate, is a 100% Panamanian real estate firm focused specifically on investment advice, selling and buying commercial real estate. We also offer an updated portfolio with properties. We have a multidisciplinary team of sales consultants full time, focused on investigations and prosecutions to ensure that the customer gets the best investments.

Also,  Sotillo & Company Commercial Real Estate has multiple connections in legal, financial and tax matters available for its customers. The experience gained in the field of commercial real estate for over 15 years and achieved a positive impact throughout the Panama Republic, which places us as leaders in information management (MLM) and turn, with solid and tangible tools to achieve achieving good business. We specialize in feasibility analysis, assessment of trends, field studies and especially negotiations, and this is what makes Sotillo & Company Commercial Real Estate, reliable  to invest safely signs.


Achieving good business to maintain leadership and effectiveness in the market at all times.


Leader in sales of commercial real estate projects, secondary market and property "hunting". We as a company our target is to mantain an inventory of real estate opportunities, updated and adjusted to the current market businesses, and as a team we remain like an oriented organization with inherent business creation in our industry. Having passion with each service is applied, specialists to develop long-term external and internal customers trust relationships.


We work as a team = We win as a team
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